The group’s purpose is to maintain a group of professional business leaders comprised of small business owners and commissioned sales people with the sole purpose of furthering the business of the members.

Prospective Members

A Prospective member is someone who is not a current member, has not attended a meeting and has not been presented to the group to attend a meeting. Prospective members should be presented to the group prior to being invited.

The member inviting the prospective member should have met one on one with the prospective member to explain the group and determine if it is a good fit for both parties.

  • Visit the prospective members’ web site.
  • Ask them what their ideal prospect looks like.
  • Ask them what industries they have been successful doing business with.

If it appears the prospective member is a good fit and interested in the group, please refer them to the online submission form – Member Application.

Membership in the Group

Your membership in the group is based on you the individual first, as well as the product/service category you are applying. The company you represent is not a member. If for whatever reason you leave the company you were with when you joined, you may still be eligible to continue your group membership provided your new company (product/services) is not in conflict with another existing member’s product/service category. Your continued membership will need to be approved by the Board and/or group majority vote. Your previous category may then be opened for members to invite new candidates to apply. The new candidate will be required to fulfill all of the Member Application Process requirements.


The group’s members attendance and participation within the group is highly valued and needed to foster a thriving networking group. Effective networking can only be accomplished when members consistently attend and interact with others. It is expected that those who desire to be members and those who are members will make the group meetings a priority in their schedules. The Board periodically reviews membership participation and addresses those who have a high non-attendance rate.

Meetings are held every other Monday, 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm at

The Yardley Inn Restaurant Bar and Farm
82 E Afton Ave. Yardley, PA 19067

Meeting Guidelines

  • Make it a priority to attend each meeting
  • Be on time for the meetings
  • Stay for the entire meeting
  • Turn off cell phones for the duration of the meeting
  • Follow the meeting agenda
    • Stay on the topic at hand
    • Keep other topics at bay until their time

Meeting Tips

  • Bring a supply of business cards (25) and promotional materials for distribution and display.
  • Stick to your allotted business commercial time. If necessary, have it written down. Know your target market and prospect.
  • Have your leads written down and with you for distribution.
  • Have your list of targeted prospects and the accounts you would like an introduction to written down and with you.
  • Always come with a focus and positive attitude.
  • Let someone know if you are not attending.
  • Make guests feel welcome by taking the initiative to introduce yourself.
  • Have your calendar with you.
  • Come to the meeting as if you are meeting with your best prospect or customer.
  • Leave your issues in the parking lot


It is understood that each member will make every effort to create referrals for the members of the group. It only stands to reason that if you are not giving referrals, you will not be getting referrals. A sincere effort should be made by each group member to generate referrals, however it is also understood that some members will simply not have referrals for some members because of their respective business disciplines. It is also understood that other members may receive a larger number of referrals because of the nature of their respective businesses.

One on One Networking Meetings

One on one networking meetings are important and members are encouraged to make this a regular part of their relationship marking within the group. Referrals and introductions to potential leads is often a function of getting to know each other well and the services that each provide. Without spending time together and learning about each others background, experience, and services, we cannot effectively generate quality leads and referrals.

Dues and Expenses

A prospective member must decide after their second guest meeting if they are joining. Dues are $900 social/ expenses due which can be paid Monthly ($75) at the first meeting of the month, Quarterly ($225) at the first meeting of the quarter, Semi-annually ($450) at the first meeting of the half year or annually ($900) at the first meeting of the year.

Membership in the Group

  • Members are expected to value their participation in the group
  • Conduct your business professionally and in a manner that positively reflects on the group.
  • If you have a conflict with another member in the group while doing business together, it is expected that you will make every attempt to resolve those differences with the individual first. If you are unable to resolve the issue between yourselves, please privately contact one of the Board members. DO NOT take the issue before the group or broadcast negative comments or concerns among the group. The Board will provide direction and guidance through the situation.
  • Agree to support both Board decisions and/or decisions made by the group.
  • By becoming a member of group you agree to follow the standards as outlined here in the Member Guidelines. You also agree that if you do not follow the guidelines, your membership can and will be terminated. Termination is at the sole discretion of the Board..

The Board

The  Board consists of five (5) members. The Board members are responsible to organize and lead the meetings, oversee and facilitate the Membership Application Process, and meet when necessary to review membership attendance and discuss other group concerns.

Current board members are:

  • Bruce Clark: President
  • Joe Marrazzo: Vice President
  • Greg Kay: Treasurer
  • Will Goodwin: Secretary
  • Ed Scull: Membership Chair
  • Shawn Swaim: Social Chair